About SEIN

At SEIN we have around 1,500 members of staff and other collaborators, who are ready to offer you the care that you need every day of the week. Our aim is to help you live the best possible life with epilepsy and sleep disturbances, so that you can participate in everyday life as fully as possible. We investigate the causes and the treatment of epilepsy and sleeping problems. We do this in collaboration with academic centres and other epilepsy centres in the Netherlands and around the world. We will be glad to tell you more about our organisation, the quality of our care and our plans and ambitions for the future.

Our facilities

We have 13 outpatient clinics that provide treatment and contact with your neurologist. There are also two clinics that are intended for longer stays (e.g. a prolonged admission or comprehensive investigation).

SEIN also has three Sleep Centres, three residential facilities, day care activities and a special needs school. All of the care that we offer is delivered in collaboration with neurologists, psychologists, behavioural scientists and social workers. After your treatment you will usually return to your regular doctor at the hospital. In some cases, however, you will continue to receive treatment at SEIN.

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