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This website provides general information about our services and about the health conditions that people can consult us about. This information is intended for patients, clients and their families, visitors, referrers, researchers, students, job applicants and other interested parties.

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If you wish to get in touch with SEIN we recommend that you use one of the contact forms. These forms will enable you to send your data and information securely. For sending medical information go to mijnSEIN. 

We will process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the European Union's current privacy legislation.

The contact forms are neither intended nor suitable for urgent questions or matters that require immediate attention. You should always dial 112 if you find yourself in an urgent or life-threatening situation. Alternatively, if you have an urgent question for SEIN which cannot wait, dial +31 (0)23 - 558 8000 and select “urgent” from the list of options.

Website security

We attach great importance to the security of this website. Despite the care we have taken to ensure that it is secure, it is possible that a security flaw may emerge.

If you have a suggestion on how we can improve our website security, let us know as soon as possible so that we can solve the problem. Send your suggestion by email to info@sein.nl. Thank you!

Urgent enquiries

If you have an urgent enquiry, dial +31 (0)23 - 558 8000 and select “urgent” from the list of options. In an emergency, it is best to dial 112.