Promoting implementation of seizure detection devices 

There is an unmet need for reliable alerting devices for potentially life-threatening epileptic seizures. We have successfully developed a bracelet that monitors heart rate and movements and we have proven that it is feasible to detect seizures remotely (both by audio as well as by video).

The PROMISE study aims to implement our wearable seizure detection devices in the home setting and to validate our remote sensors as a final step toward implementation of the devices.

We will conduct a multicentre home-based randomised crossover trial in 60 children with difficult to treat epilepsy who will be monitored with our remote and wearable sensors for two months. The wearable seizure detection devices are alarm generating. To ensure optimal translation of our devices, we will closely monitor the effects on quality of life, parental anxiety, compliance and user comfort.

The Nightwatch is a bracelet that detects major motor seizures; more details on Nightwatch can be found in the article by Arends et al (Neurology 2018).

Principal Investigator:


Dr. S. Kalitzin
Dr. G. Petkov
Dr. G. Visser
PhD student A. van Westrhenen

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