I have (or want) an appointment

A complex sleep disorder may mean that your sleeping problems are too difficult for a doctor or specialist in a general hospital. Often they will then refer you on to the SEIN Sleep Centre. If you have a complex sleep disorder, it’s important that several specialists investigate in order to arrive at a sound diagnosis and treatment. Together they ensure that you receive the proper treatment. At the SEIN Sleep Centre, there are many doctors and specialists who know everything there is to know about sleep disturbances. You may end up with us if you have received a letter of referral from your GP or a specialist from a hospital. If you are referred to the Sleep Centre, we select the most appropriate sleep specialist for you.

Second opinion

Sometimes your problems will still be present after previous treatment in a hospital, or else they return. If this sounds familiar, you can ask your GP for an additional consultation. We call this a second opinion. Your GP will then refer you on to the Sleep Centre. Because there are many specialists working here who know everything there is to know about sleep and sleeping problems, we will often be able to help you straight away. In consultation with you, we investigate the causes and formulate a treatment plan. The treatment takes place in our Sleep Centre. If the symptoms then improve, your GP can take over your treatment again.