dr. S. Kalitzin

"Understanding HOW the brain works is just as important as understanding WHY it works the way it does. Only then we can comprehend both normal and pathological behavior."

Stiliyan Kalitzin has graduated in Nuclear Physics, he received doctoral degree in theoretical physics on the subject of Supersymmetry and Supergravity unified models. He has worked later in the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience, Medical Imaging and Computer Vision.

Since October 2000, he is with SEIN, centre of expertise in epilepsy and sleeping disorders, as head of medical physics and medical technology department. He is also an external faculty at the Image Sciences Institute at the University of Utrecht.

His recent scientific interests are in dynamic system analysis, models of autonomous generation and termination of epileptic seizures, post-ictal suppression and application to clinical challenges. He is also actively participating in the development of algorithms and systems for real-time detection and alerting of convulsive seizures using remote sensors such as video sequences.

Dr. Kalitzin is author of worldwide patents and publications in international journals, book chapters and articles in conference proceedings.

Next to his scientific and clinical duties, Stiliyan Kalitzin supervises research of graduate and PhD students in biomedical engineering, medical physics and technical medicine. His latest project relates to personalized seizure detection algorithms using autonomous reinforcement learning paradigms and synthetic machine intelligence.