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About your stay at SEIN

During your stay at SEIN your care will be supervised by one of our neurologists and your diagnostic programme will be explained to you step-by-step. A translator service will be at hand for ease of communication.

At SEIN we have a strictly no-smoking policy in all of the buildings. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Furthermore, SEIN has a strict zero tolerance policy with regards to alcohol and this is not allowed on any premises. As you are coming to SEIN for a second opinion for your epilepsy we would therefore strictly advise all international patients not to drink any alcohol during their treatment period at SEIN, as this may affect test results and/or medication.

For details about what to expect during your stay at SEIN, please read the folder: Second Opinions at SEIN (fictieve titel, relevante inhoud is vertaald van KEK brochure).

Follow up

At the end of your stay you will receive your initial diagnosis. This will also be communicated to the treating physician in your home country. Depending on the diagnostic question there might still be some test results pending after you return home. In this case, these results will also be communicated to your treating physician.

If there are any queries about the diagnosis... (max. follow-up period/hoe/wat?)