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Second Opinions for Epilepsy in The Netherlands

Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN) is a tertiary epilepsy centre that was founded in 1882 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. It delivers multidisciplinary epilepsy care to people with complex forms of epilepsy.

The core functions of SEIN are diagnostics and treatment, sheltered accommodation, research, public and professional education and special education. SEIN provides its services in facilities on three locations in the Netherlands, as well as twelve outpatient clinics spread throughout the country, providing care to ca. 11.000 patients a year.

What does SEIN have to offer?

Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN) is an expertise centre with over 130 years' experience in diagnosing and treating epilepsy. We welcome you to SEIN for a second opinion, where you can be assured of an accurate diagnosis with state-of-the art facilities and trained specialists. 

SEIN can offer the following diagnostic options for a second opinion (click on the links for a description): 

  • EEG
  • MRI
  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Observation of seizures
  • Medication advice

The above-mentioned programmes are offered on-site as inpatient treatment. 

Each second opinion programme is drawn up on an individual basis, depending on the required package and the diagnostic question.