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Treatment of sleep disorders

The treatment chosen depends on the cause. Possible treatment options are medication, breathing aids, psychological support, parenting advice and lifestyle advice.


This may include medicine to improve (the quality of) sleep or to prevent sleepiness during the day.

Breathing aids at night

There are various ways to keep the airways open during sleep in patients with a breathing-related sleep disorder.  Use may be made of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, i.e. respiratory equipment), a mandibular repositioning device (MRD, also called a snoring mouthpiece) or postural therapy. 

Psychological support

Cognitive behavioural therapy, a type of psychological assistance, is mainly used in patients with insomnia. You will receive practical advice and learn to deal with your sleep-wake problems. The therapy consists of a number of sessions with a psychologist.

Parenting advice

Sometimes sleep disorders in children are caused by the interaction between the parent and the child. Parents are offered help and practical advice and they learn to handle their child differently. 

Lifestyle advice

Nearly all sleep-wake disorders are affected by lifestyle. In a number of sessions you are given advice on how to adjust your lifestyle in order to improve your sleep and waking periods. 

After the treatment

In about 70-80% of the patients the treatment is successful. If the patient and the sleep team are satisfied with the results, the treatment at the SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre stops and the patient is referred back to their GP or specialist.