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Diagnosis sleep-wake disorders

If your GP or medical specialist has referred you to the SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre, we will assess your application. Following this we will send you a number of questionnaires and a request to keep a ‘day and night diary’. Once completed, you return the questionnaires and diary to the SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre. The sleep-wake specialist will use these to prepare the intake. 


During the intake you will discuss your sleep-wake problems with the sleep-wake specialist. It is useful if a partner or family member is present at this meeting as they can also advise how they experience your sleep-wake problems.

Sleep-wake tests

Usually an appointment is made for a sleep-wake test during the intake (polysomnography, PSG). This may be in the form of a sleep-wake test at home or at the SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre itself (in Zwolle and Heemstede). These tests will measure the sleep pattern, leg movements, breathing, heartbeat and oxygen levels.

These measurements will be taken from sensors placed on your head, chin, upper body, legs and eyes. All signals are saved on a memory card. It might look very imposing, but you are free to move and act as you are used to. You wear the electrodes and the box with the memory card for 24-28 hours. 

Alternatively, the neurologist might give you a movement-triggered watch during the intake. This gives an indication of your sleep-wake pattern during the week prior to the polysomnography. 

Multidisciplinary team

The test results are analysed by the sleep-wake specialists during a multidisciplinary meeting, consisting of all the doctors, a minimum of two laboratory technicians and a psychologist. Once the diagnosis has been made, a treatment plan will be drawn up.