SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre

The SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre is specialised in complex sleep and wake disorders and has three branches in Groningen, Heemstede and Zwolle. Patients with a referral  from a general practitioner (GP) or medical specialist may be admitted to the SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre for diagnosis and treatment. It is also possible to ask SEIN for a second opinion or to re-evaluate the current treatment plan. 

Sleep-Wake problems

Problems with disrupted sleep are common. Sometimes they are resolved on their own. A referral to the SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre is worthwhile if the problems persist for more than three months, they occur more than twice a week and they have an impact on your daily functioning. 

All specialisations in the field of sleep medicine are represented at the SEIN Sleep-Wake Centre. Patients can come to the Centre for all types of complex sleep-wake disorders, such as:

  • Sleep disorders in epilepsy
  • Sleep disorders in combination with a mental disability
  • Sleep disorders in the elderly
  • Sleep disorders in children
  • Insomnia
  • Sleeping too often or too long
  • Sleep problems due to restless legs
  • Disruptive symptoms such as sleep walking, panic attacks, grinding teeth
  • Disorders of the biological clock
  • Sleep problems caused by shift work
  • Sleep problems in the menopause

Epilepsy and sleep disorders

Lack of sleep may trigger epileptic seizures, but the epilepsy itself may also lead to sleep disruption. Some forms of epilepsy mainly or only occur during sleep, or occur during a specific phase of sleep. Epilepsy and sleep-wake disorders are therefore closely related.