Dr. Paul Augustijn

Position at SEIN: Dr. Paul Augustijn is co-founder and chair of the Children’s Epilepsy Centre programme at SEIN.

He also works in the child-admission department at SEIN and weekly at 2 outpatient clinics, providing mostly second opinions (for Dutch patients) and outpatient care to children with epilepsy.


Paul Augustijn has more than 20 years’ experience as a child neurologist, with a specialisation in childhood epilepsy. In his view, epilepsy is much more than just a diagnosis of seizures and treatment with medication. The impact of epilepsy on children and their families is large. From that perspective the Children’s Epilepsy Centre programme at SEIN was established. This centre offers multidisciplinary diagnostics with a very committed team of staff, each with their own specialisation. Besides a specialised epilepsy neurophysiologist (EEG-specialist), the centre also has a neuroradiologist (reviews MRI and CT-scans), clinical geneticist,  child neuropsychologist, play therapist, child psychologist, teacher and social worker. Combined they offer a total package. Only then can adequate treatment and supervision be given.

He is also an epilepsy consultant at the largest hospital in The Hague and in an institution for blind (mentally disabled) patients.

Dr. Augustijn has numerous publications to his name and as a co-author, and is a regular speaker at various epilepsy related meetings.

Medical background

Dr. Augustijn has been a member of the national (epilepsy) guidelines committee since its inception more than 10 years ago. He has also been teaching doctors (who want to train to become paediatricians and neurologists) on epilepsy in the Netherlands for over 10 years.