Dr. Gerhard Visser

Position at SEIN: Dr. Gerhard Visser is a neurologist and medical director of the Clinical Neurophysiology department and Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at SEIN.


Dr. Visser’s more fundamental research focus is directed towards excitability of the nervous system, using transcranial magnetic stimulation and EEG as major research tools. In addition, clinical research in the epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) setting is focussed on detection devices and EEG-features related to epilepsy.

Another expertise of Dr Visser is neurological aspects of diving medicine. In the Netherlands he’s a well-known sports diving medical consultant. He has been chairmen of the medical committee of the Dutch Underwater Federation for many years, CMAS 2** Instructor-trainer and member of expert forum of the Dutch Society for Diving Medicine and Dutch Association of Sport Medicine Specialists.

Medical background

His former position was medical director of Clinical Neurophysiology in the Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam (1999-2011). His PhD degree (1998) was about Non-invasive (EEG and TCD) detection of compromised cerebral circulation in the context of carotid endarterectomy. In Rotterdam his scientific interests were focussed on motor unit physiology using quantitative nerve conduction and EMG methods, and the improvement of continuous neonatal EEG monitoring using quantitative methods with special focus on neonatal seizures.