Dr. Fieke Cox

Position at SEIN: Dr. Fieke Cox is a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist. Her work field especially comprises video-EEG monitoring and registrations of clinical events (for instance seizures in the pre-surgical evaluation).


Her expertise lies in seizure semiology, paediatric EEG and nocturnal events. 

Medical background

Dr. Cox studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. During her study, she participated in a clinical research project in Bangkok, Thailand and completed an internship in Mugumu, Tanzania.

She started her residency in neurology at the Leiden University Medical Centre in 2006 and qualified as a neurologist in 2011.

During her residency she joined the neuromuscular study group, and finished her thesis in 2014 describing the clinical aspects of sporadic inclusion body myositis. A part of her thesis was rewarded with the prestigious annual award for neuromuscular diseases by the ‘Prinses Beatrix Fonds’.