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How to apply for a second opinion at SEIN

Are you interested in coming to SEIN yourself (or a relative) or would you like to refer a patient to SEIN for a Second Opinion? Please read the information below how to proceed:

  • Please send an email (in English) to the following email address:
  • For a second opinion for epilepsy or syncope you should complete one of the following forms:

  • For a second opinion on sleep-wake disorders, please indicate this in the email and we will forward the necessary questionnaires and ‘day and night’ diary for you to complete. 
  • If the patient has already had an EEG or MRI or other tests, then please also send these reports together with the information request form. 
  • A neurologist will review the application and you will receive a reply within 5 working days. If extra information is required then we will advise accordingly. 

Once all information is complete and SEIN agrees to provide a second opinion, a proposal for a diagnostic programme will be sent to you/to the referring specialist or GP, together with the pro-forma invoice.


Each diagnostic programme is drawn up on an individual basis, so the costs are variable.

Each diagnostic programme includes a few day's stay at SEIN in modern state-of-the-art facilities (with meals provided during those days), treatment by an expert multidisciplinary team headed by a specialised neurologist, diagnostic testing and final diagnosis. Also, if the referral is provided by a specialist or a GP, monitoring of the treatment plan with the physician in the patient's home country. 

The diagnostic programme can only be planned once full payment has been made in advance. For more information please read the section "About your travel to SEIN".