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About your travel to SEIN

Please note:

  • Do not start your preparations for travel to SEIN until the arrangements for your diagnostic programme have been finalised. 
  • The diagnostic programme must be paid in full before you travel.

Travel arrangements

You will need to arrange for a travel visa (Schengen Visa) from the nearest Dutch Embassy. SEIN is unable to apply for this visa on your behalf - Schengen Visa states that the traveller must do this in person.

Once your visa has been granted, please inform SEIN. We will then set an admission date. Please do not book your flight until the admission date has been verified!

When booking your flight, please also ensure that you have travel insurance which covers medical costs abroad. 

Please inform SEIN who will be travelling with you,  and your relationship to this person (i.e. your doctor, a relative ...). Please note: we advise only one accompanying person.

Translation service

Although SEIN can arrange for a translator when required, for ease of communication we advise that at least one of you (either yourself or your travel companion) is able to communicate in English.  

SEIN has a contract with a company qualified in providing medical translation. Please note that the costs for the translation service will be billed separately. The amount depends on the actual amount of translation services required at the time. By agreeing to make use of the translation services you are committed to ensuring these costs are met in full. 

Unforeseen extra costs

During your stay at SEIN the neurologist might decide it is necessary to carry out extra tests, which were not foreseen at the start, but which might be necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. 

These extra tests will incur extra costs. If this is the case, the neurologist will discuss this with you and inform you what the additional costs will be. The extra tests will only be carried out if the patient agrees to the additional costs. By agreeing to the additional costs you are committed to ensuring these costs are met in full. You will receive the invoice for these services after your stay at SEIN.

Hotel accommodation

SEIN can book a nearby hotel for you and your travelling companion at a discount: the Ambassador City Centre Hotel. This hotel is situated in the city centre of Haarlem, a short journey from Heemstede. This hotel has both regular rooms and appartments/studio's with cooking facilities. 

Please note: the hotel discount is only given when booked through SEIN. If you would like to make use of this option then please advise.

You can of course book your own hotel accommodation. However, in order to keep the journey time of the taxi transfers from the hotel to SEIN as short as possible, we would advise that you book this hotel in the city of Haarlem.