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About your stay at SEIN

During your stay at SEIN your care will be supervised by one of our neurologists and your diagnostic programme will be explained to you step-by-step. If required, a translator service will be on hand for ease of communication. This can be arranged by SEIN at your request. 

At SEIN we work with a multidisciplinary team to provide accurate diagnoses, or to draw up (new) treatment plans. Each specialist looks at the issue from his/her own professional expertise. This guarantees a complete picture of the issues at hand and the required approach.

For details about what to expect during your stay at SEIN, please read the brochure: Admission to SEIN

Follow up

At the end of your stay you will receive your initial diagnosis. If your physician details are known to SEIN this will also be communicated to him/her. Depending on the diagnostic question there might still be some test results pending after you return home.