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Types of housing

SEIN provides support both in housing and in daily life. People may make long-term use of the supported living at SEIN. They can choose for one of the locations and for a specific type of housing. Children and teenagers can also stay for shorter periods in the guest house which provides respite care.

SEIN offers the following types of housing:

Group living

Group living is organised in a group of four, six or eight people. Each resident has their own living room/bedroom and private bathroom (with the exception of a few children’s groups). Support workers are always on hand.

SEIN has group living facilities for adults and for children and teenagers. There is also a special residential facility for people with difficult to understand behavioural problems.


An apartment is a more or less independent form of living on SEIN grounds. Support workers are always on hand if they are required. Residents in apartments are also able to participate in the joint activities that are organised by SEIN.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching provides individually tailored epilepsy care at one of the locations at SEIN. In some cases this is provided at home, for example by means of home supervision or parenting support. The ability to provide ambulatory care depends on the distance from SEIN. 

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