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Day care activities

painting, one of the day care activities at SEIN

All teenagers and adults with a mental disability and/or physical disability can participate in day care activities at SEIN, even if they do not live at SEIN. The day care activities are open to people with and without epilepsy. The activities are tailor-made and adjusted to the individual wishes and abilities of the client.

SEIN offers different types of day care activities. The client’s abilities take priority and their epilepsy and other limitations are taken into account. Professionals from various disciplines assist the clients with their day care activities.


SEIN offers a broad range of day care activities, including:

Labour-based activities

The groups work in a calm and structured environment towards an end product. This includes activities such as candle making, working with fabrics, painting, woodwork, packing and working at the stables.

Care intensive activities/sensory activities

These groups aim to maintain the clients' abilities. This includes activities such a reading aloud, playing musical instruments, group conversations, physical activities, making puzzles and sensory therapy. This also includes service activities such as folding and delivering mail.

Intensive support activities

These groups aim to provide the clients with a secure environment through means of a clear daily structure. Possible activities are creative activities, working in the garden and taking care of animals. 

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