Supported living for people with epilepsy

Sometimes people with epilepsy are not (or no longer) able to live independently. This is often the case when the epilepsy is combined with a physical and/or mental disability. For these people SEIN has a varied range of housing available for children, teenagers and adults either providing a lot of support or for more independent living. 

The aim at SEIN is to create a living environment where residents are able to function to the best of their ability. The most important principles in this are:

  • the resident’s wishes come first.
  • the resident’s abilities are leading in the care provided.
  • SEIN organises the care around the resident. 

Residents at SEIN receive multidisciplinary care from neurologists and a team of specialists.

Day care activities for residents are provided in the Day Activity Centre at SEIN. 

The Recreation Department organises relaxation and fun activities during the residents’ free time.