Waiting times outpatient clinics SEIN

SEIN will inform you as accurately as possible about the expected waiting times at the outpatient clinics, and strives to keep the waiting list as short as possible. The published waiting list is no more than an indication. The actual waiting list may vary on an individual basis from the published waiting list. No rights can be derived from the published waiting list. 

De displayed waiting list at each outpatient clinics is the number of weeks between making an appointment at an outpatient clinic until the time you are invited for the consultation with the medical specialist. 

If the waiting list for a specific outpatient clinic is long, then we may suggest you attend your first consultation at the central outpatient clinic in either Heemstede or Zwolle. 

For queries about the published waiting list you may contact the relevant outpatient clinic. The contact details can be found under ‘Contact’ on this website. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to display up-to-date waiting times at the moment. This is due to the implementation of the new electronic patient dossier (EPD). We are working on a solution so that we can have this information available as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Waiting times as of May, 2 2018

Outpatient clinic epilepsyWeeksOutpatient clinic epilepsyWeeks
Almere (children)7Utrecht (children)5
Almere (adults)8Utrecht (adults)1

Zwolle (children)

Arnhem9Zwolle (adults)3

Den Haag (children)

3Outpatient clinic sleep 
Den Haag (adults)5

Sleep Groningen

Heemstede (children)5

Sleep Heemstede

Heemstede (adults)1Sleep VG Groningen19
Leeuwarden5Sleep VG Zwolle26
Leiden6Sleep Zwolle11



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