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Outpatient clinics

If possible, we can treat you at one of our outpatient clinics. SEIN has twelve outpatient clinics in Almelo, Almere, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Cruquius, Den Haag, Groningen, Heemstede, Leeuwarden, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle.

After referral, SEIN will contact you to make an appointment for an intake. You will receive an invitation letter with a comprehensive questionnaire. This includes questions about your seizures, medication and any side-effects you may be experiencing.

Your intake

The intake takes place with a neurologist, paediatric neurologist, doctor’s-assistant or nurse specialist. You will discuss your questions with him/her and which tests and treatment you have already had. The (paediatric) neurologist decides which further tests need to be carried out, for example an EEG. Sometime admission is necessary to observe the seizures properly. An admission may also be needed when adjusting your medication.

How do you prepare for the intake?

  • You will receive a questionnaire. It is easier if you complete this together with a family member who can describe what happens when you have a seizure. 
  • Ask a family member or friend to accompany you to the intake. He or she can then describe what happens when you have a seizure. 
  • Do you experience problems which affect your epilepsy? Or do you experience problems because of your epilepsy? Discuss this with the neurologist. 

Multidisciplinary team

SEIN works with a multidisciplinary team. The treatment team consists of: 

(paediatric) neurologists, (child) psychologists, nurses, social workers, physician assistants, nurse specialists, clinical neurophysiology laboratory assistants, play therapists, vocational consultants, doctors in training to become specialists and educational support workers.

Each team member is a professional in their area of expertise and they work closely together to ensure the best possible diagnosis, treatment and support. 

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