Children and teenagers can be treated at two observation clinics at SEIN: Heemstaete in Zwolle or Meer & Bosch in Heemstede. SEIN has all the specialist in-house knowledge available to offer assistance with specific questions about your child’s epilepsy. 

  • Do your child often ‘drift away’, but have earlier tests not given a conclusive diagnosis of epilepsy?
  • Does your child experience learning difficulties – despite well-adjusted epilepsy medication?
  • Does the paediatric neurologist have doubts about the type of epilepsy? 
  • Does your child experience concentration problems during the day as a result of tiredness caused by a disturbed sleep pattern?
  • Does your GP want a second opinion on your child’s treatment plan?
  • Is your child seizure-free, but does the epilepsy medication give unpleasant side-effects?
  • Are there other unanswered questions about the diagnosis, treatment or support of your child?

The length of admission depends on the symptoms and the diagnostic question. A short admission usually lasts five days. A regular admission varies from a few weeks to a few months. 

Staying overnight

When your child is admitted you or your partner can stay on the ward with your child. This is also called ‘rooming-in’. We will make arrangements with you to organise this. 

Children’s Epilepsy Centre

Heemstede has a special examination programme lasting 24-36 hours, specially adjusted to your child. After one week the specialists at SEIN can have a treatment advice available.