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The correct epilepsy treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. What exact symptoms and problems is a person experiencing, what is causing these and when do they occur? Are the seizures caused by epilepsy or something else? 

The SEIN neurologist listens to you. The observations of people close to you are also very useful. They can usually explain in detail what happens when you have a seizure. A detailed description of the seizures or a home-made video recording also helps the neurologist. 

We test as accurately as possible to see if you have epilepsy and if so, which type of epilepsy you have. SEIN uses various examination methods. The neurologist will discuss which tests are suitable in your situation. 


Sometimes an EEG (eletroencephalogram) is necessary. An EEG is a painless procedure in which the electrical currents in the brain are measured through electrodes on the head. This can measure certain anomalies in the brain function. An EEG can identify specific types of epilepsy or can also exclude epilepsy as the cause of the seizures. 

A psychological test is also possible. The team looks at the patient and the influence the epilepsy has on their behaviour and interaction with others. 


SEIN has extensive knowledge about the different types of epilepsy medication and their side-effects. The neurologist or paediatric neurologist at SEIN selects the correct dosage of medication for the patient. Sometimes medication is not enough to control the seizures. In this case other treatment options are possible, such as: Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), epilepsy surgery, Ketogenic Diet and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). 

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