Sometimes admission to our clinic is necessary. SEIN has two clinics: 'Meer & Bosch' in Heemstede and 'Heemstaete' in Zwolle. When a patient is admitted to the clinic the treatment team looks at the issues at hand. This may be in medical, psychological and/or social terms. The patient first receives a general medical and neurological examination.

The aim is to observe the seizures as closely as possible. The nurses are trained to recognise all types of seizure symptoms. The living spaces are equipped with video cameras to record the seizures. Both Heemstede and Zwolle have observation departments for adults, children and teenagers, and for people with a mental disability. 

An admission is usually for a few weeks. 

The reason for an admission may be:

  • Change in frequency and type of seizures;
  • Ensuring correct dosage or adjusting epilepsy medication;
  • Screening to see if epilepsy surgery might be an option, if the medication does not work sufficiently; 
  • Psychosocial problems in epilepsy;
  • Suspicion of stress-induced seizures (PNES);
  • Starting with a Ketogenic Diet (for children);

Information about your admission

Once your admission has been arranged you will be placed on a waiting list. We will contact you as soon as a place becomes available.