Epilepsy Care

An accurate diagnosis is essential in epilepsy. SEIN is specialised in providing this. SEIN offers professional treatment, especially if the epilepsy is not easy to treat with medication, or if there are other limitations or problems besides the epilepsy. If you live in the Netherlands, you need a referral from a neurologist or GP to come to SEIN for treatment.

You may ask for a referral to SEIN for specialised care in the following situations: 

  • It is unclear if you/your child has epilepsy or not
  • The seizures cannot be controlled by medication
  • The epilepsy is combined with:

    • a mental disability
    • a physical disability
    • learning problems
    • behavioural problems 
    • psychiatric problems 

  • You would like a second opinion
  • You require support at your work or in finding suitable employment
  • As a parent of a child with epilepsy you require extra support and advice. 

We advise that you contact your health insurance company to ask which costs they reimburse. Read more about the costs of diagnosis and treatment here