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Costs Diagnosis and Treatment in Epilepsy and Sleep

Everyone who lives and/or works in the Netherlands is legally obliged to have health insurance. Health insurance companies reimburse a large proportion of the hospital costs. However, a visit to SEIN can also have financial implications for yourself.  

Take your own ‘deductible excess’ into account

All people who have health insurance in the Netherlands have an obligatory deductible excess for medical costs. In 2017 and 2018 this deductible excess is a minimum of €385. You may voluntarily choose to increase your deductible excess. 

SEIN delivers 100% insured healthcare

SEIN delivers 100% insured healthcare under the basic national health insurance and has contracts with all health insurance companies in the Netherlands. 

This means that, at the most, you will only be liable for your own deductible excess. Please do note that a number of health insurance companies in the Netherlands have agreed maximum amounts with SEIN or for certain treatment options. Do you have a basic or restitution health insurance policy? Ask your health insurance company if all the costs will be reimbursed. 

Please take into account, also with regards to your own deductible excess, that there might be a long time between your visit to SEIN and the moment SEIN sends the invoice either to your health insurance company or to yourself. 

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