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10 February 2014: European Epilepsy Day

The 4th  European Epilepsy Day will be held on Monday, 10 February 2014. This day is devoted to epilepsy and the burden and impact of the condition. This year, Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN) in the Netherlands is paying extra attention to sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP).

More awareness for death in epilepsy

In the Netherlands there are 80.000 people with epilepsy. On a global level it is estimated that there are 60 million people with epilepsy. Researchers at SEIN have been carrying out research for a number of years into the causes of epilepsy. One of the main themes of research at SEIN is that of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). SUDEP refers to the sudden death of a person with epilepsy, where despite a thorough examinations, no cause of death can be determined. SUDEP mostly occurs in people with refractory epilepsy. To raise awareness for SUDEP the two epilepsy centres in the Netherlands, SEIN and Kempenhaeghe,  together with professional associations and patient organisation have undertaken a joint initiative to produce information material and develop a register for SUDEP.

Have a Heart for Epilepsy 

SUDEP is gaining more and more attention worldwide. You can help to raise awareness for epilepsy!

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4th European Epilepsy Day

The European Epilepsy Day is an initiative of the International Bureau for Epilepsy and the International League Against Epilepsy and was launched on 14 February 2011. On this day we also celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine is also the patron saint for epilepsy. 

European Epilepsy Day is celebrated every year on the 2nd Monday in February (as close to St. Valentine’s Day as possible). This year the European Epilepsy Day will be celebrated on 10 February 2014. The international theme this year is: Epilepsy is more than seizures.

Who are we?

Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN) is a tertiary epilepsy centre which was founded in 1882. We provide specialised multi-disciplinary care to people with complex forms of epilepsy. SEIN provides its services in two clinical facilities and has twelve outpatient clinics spread through the country. SEIN also offers short- and long-stay sheltered residential accommodation. 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people with epilepsy (worldwide) and since 2004 we have been designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research, Training and Treatment in Epilepsy. 


If you are interested in learning more about SEIN and our international activities then please get in touch with Caroline Morton, International Relations Officer, at cmorton@sein.nl

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